Jersey Committee

Where Donations Go

Where Your Donations Go:

Money raised throughout Jersey goes towards the Southampton Cancer Research Centre.

The strong relationship between Jersey and Southampton is crucial for the many patients from Jersey who are treated in Southampton; it is considered the local hospital for Cancer treatment, as well as the closest hospital for clinical trials as there is no research environment in Jersey.

The local committee maintains a close working relationship with the team at Southampton, ensuring that funds raised in Jersey are allocated with a tangible benefit to Islanders.

The Southampton Cancer Research Centre has more than 150 scientists, doctors and nurses are working faster and smarter to beat cancer sooner.

Thanks to dramatic improvements in prevention, diagnosis and treatment, survival rates for people with cancer have doubled over the last 40 years.

Meet Jersey Survivors:

Read about Xano from Jersey HERE and how he benefited from amazing breakthrough research and immunotherapy treatment.


Cancer Research UK carries out out word-class research into the biology and causes of cancer. Cancer is a highly complex disease that is still only partly understood. Only through a better understanding of the disease will the improved treatments, diagnostics and prevention strategies of the future be developed.


Cancer Research UK develops effective treatments and improves the quality of life for cancer patients – Research will be carried out to accelerate cancer cure rates, aiming to translate our understanding of the disease into effective treatments. Research will also be directed at improving the quality of life of those patients whose disease cannot be cured.


Cancer Research UK aims to reduce the number of people getting cancer – Research is carried out into the influence of lifestyle, individual risk, environment and interventions such as vaccination on cancer, and into how people can change their behaviours to reduce their risk of the disease. We will make the wider public aware of cancer risk factors and the options available to them to reduce that risk.


As a leading international research organisation, Cancer Research UK provides authoritative cancer information to the public and promotes the best treatments and prevention strategies to governments, commercial organisations, those responsible for cancer care and the media.